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Clever and easy ways to enhance the value of your home without breaking the bank

The major aspects of the value of your home include size, location, condition, and updates (particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms). Unless you have a mobile home, you cannot change the location. You probably cannot expand your lot and adding an addition or full rehab of a kitchen or bath may not be in the budget. So what can you do to add value and make your house more marketable without breaking the bank? Here are some wonderful ways to enhance the value of your home and make it catch the eye of potential buyers.

1. Paint
The smell of freshly applied paint and the bright looks it imparts to the interiors and exteriors of the home are alluring for any visitor. Painting your home is the easiest and one of the most inexpensive ways to give it an attractive look. You can enhance the value of your home by several thousand dollars by simply painting it in decent colors. Your home also starts to look neat and clean with painting. Remember, if you aren’t a neat painter, hire a professional! Sloppy paint can be a major deterrent.

2. Lighting
If your home isn’t south facing and does not receive a lot of natural light during the day, it is a good idea to add lighting to the areas that appear dark and dim. Adding new and aesthetic light fixtures to your home is not a very expensive home improvement but it enhances the looks of the interiors greatly. Improved lighting also gives a warm and inviting feel to your visitors, especially during winter months when there may be little natural light available. Lighting upgrades can be made on both the interior and exterior.

3. Energy efficiency
Considering the trend in which monthly energy bills are increasing, it is the desire of every buyer to find a home that is highly energy efficient. You can enhance the value of your home and make it desirable for buyers by spending money on energy efficient appliances. Let your utility company conduct an energy audit of your home and suggest ways in which you can increase the energy efficiency of your home. These energy audits are usually free. If your heating system or heating fuel is inefficient considering replacing or supplementing with energy efficient options. New windows can also improve energy efficiency through increased insulation.

4. Landscaping
Plain and simple, curb appeal is huge! Planting trees is a good way to get some greenery and shade around your home. Trees take years to mature but if you are not selling your house in near future, it can be a smart and inexpensive way of home improvement. These trees, when they are grown up, will also help in reducing the cooling costs of your home by a sizeable amount of money. Colorful flowering plants and shrubs look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Buyers will appreciate your taste and find your home more desirable.

Tip: Remember to consider the market your home is in when trying to add value. A buyer of a waterfront home near Pawtucket village in the Gaspee neighborhood is going to demand different features compared to a buyer of a multi family house close to Warwick Ave. The luxury waterfront buyer probably wants to see high appliances and flooring where as the multi family buyer may prefer a laundry room in the basement or more off street parking.

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